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There are countless exciting cities to discover on the African continent, and Nairobi, Kenya, is no exception. There are many reasons why it seems to be one of those cities that eager travelers can't stop talking about, but if you're planning a trip to this East African city, we'll give you some tips on where to stay. Not only is it the capital of Kenya and home to many of the world's largest cities, making it a popular destination for tourists and business people alike, but there are also a number of trendy neighborhoods to stay in, including Mombasa, Kinshasa, Kiswahili and Kigali.

You can also easily visit some of Nairobi's most important sights, including All Saints Cathedral (which is actually located in your hotel) and the city's main market, the Maasai Market. This means your hotels are also a great place to do many activities in northern Kenya, including visiting many of Kenya's most popular tourist attractions, such as the Mombasa Museum and National Museum. The main MaaSai market (Saturdays), the Kenyan Museum of History and Heritage and many other local shops and restaurants are also worth a visit.

For a taste of the real Nairobi, check out the National Museum of Kenya for more information on the city's most popular tourist attractions and activities.

Finding decent accommodation in Nairobi is very easy, and you can stay here if you want to sunbathe in the beauty of Kenya but pay less than $60 a night. Among the best accommodation in and around northern Kenya, Westlands Hotel is an elegant colonial country house surrounded by herds of giraffes. In addition, the location of this Westland hotel means that it is home to the most popular nightclubs, which means you have a good idea of where you are sleeping and what to do in terms of food, drinks, entertainment and entertainment. You can also easily visit some of the most famous tourist attractions in the region, including Kenya National Park and the black rhinos living there.

On arrival or departure from the safari, you can explore Nairobi from your room, with views of the city and its beautiful skyline.

From your hotel room you can also visit Nairobi National Park, Kenya National Museum and Kenya National Parks.

The lodge is located on the Ndawe Escarpment and overlooks the rhino sanctuary and surrounding hills. You can also book at Ngong House Langata, one of the most beautiful hotels in Nairobi National Park. It undoubtedly has breathtaking views of Kenya and is the only hotel in the country with views of the national parks and the Kenyan National Museum.

The hotel has the highest certification as a safe hotel and is also one of the best luxury hotels in Kenya. Concord Hotel Suites is located 5 km from Nairobi National Museum and offers 5-star accommodation in the capital of N Kenya. One of our top hotels in Westlands, Concord Hotel offers free Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool and a terrace. The hotel is also the only hotel in the country with free Wi-Fi in the lobby and on the roof terraces.

We have 200 tastefully decorated rooms and suites spread over 10 floors with beautiful views of Nairobi. We have comfortably furnished and air-conditioned rooms and suites with a wide range of amenities such as air conditioning, hot water, air conditioning and hot showers.

Nairobi offers tourists a tasteful mix of nightlife and wildlife, but if you're looking for a decent inn or hotel, you won't get far. Nairobin hotels are usually suitable for nature lovers and tourists alike, who admire the beautiful wildlife of the Kenyan capital and other parts of the country.

If you are looking for a Nairobi hotel that offers all the amenities a traveler might want, you will find it here. We have sorted them by class by default and listed the most luxurious hotels in and around N Cairobi first. Luxury hotels, including luxury apartments, luxury villas and luxury hotels with private suites, are available in separate lists. Hotels in Nairobin are usually located in the city centre, but there are many options for those looking for a very compact place to navigate people both on foot and by car.

In the following list we have sorted the nearest car rental companies by distance to Nairobi city centre.

The Sheraton is located in Hurlingham, one of the most popular hotels in Nairobi city centre and the second largest hotel in the country. It is located in a closed shopping centre that houses the famous Masai weekly market and is just a few blocks from the main shopping street of the city, Kibera. It is also just a short walk from Kibale, the largest shopping centre in the Kenyan capital.

It is a hotel in the upper hills of Nairobi, offering a restaurant and fitness centre. Located in the heart of Kibera, just blocks from the main shopping street in Kibale, Marbel Arch Hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with city centre views. It is the second largest hotel in Kenya and the third largest in Africa and is situated on a hill in front of one of Kenya's most popular shopping centres.

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