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In our Nairobi guide we have listed some of the best restaurants and street food stalls you can try on your last trip to northern Kenya. Do in Kenya, and exciting exploration of the country, I suggest you read on.

Nairobi's trendy restaurants are all about standing out from the crowd and offering Instagram - a dignified ambience and décor for their guests. We have personally selected some of the best restaurants that will give you a real taste of authentic Kenyan cuisine. The top restaurants in Nairobbi, Kenya, are a mix of traditional and modern cuisine, as well as a variety of street food stalls.

Visit one of these restaurants during your trip to Kenya and enjoy the nation's diverse and tasty cuisine. If you fancy traditional Kenyan cuisine or just want to enjoy the Kenyan experience with Nyama Choma Beans Chapati, visit the following reliable restaurants of African cuisine in Nairobbi.

It would be difficult to find the best restaurants, but if you are looking for activities in Nairobi, we have highlighted the ones you can start with. If you are visiting Kenya on a budget and do not have much money or culinary experience, we recommend eating at Habesha. This place offers good Mediterranean cuisine if there is anything Kenyan - inspired for a short visit. We started with the aBeast feasta restaurant, also known as Carnivore, which is at the top of the list of the best restaurants in Kenya.

This restaurant offers a wide selection of Italian, Brazilian and even Indian dishes, but you will also find a variety of restaurants with different dishes and cuisines from different countries on the other side of Nairobi, in the east of the city.

Situated on Mount Kenya, near the Burguret River, this restaurant gives you the feeling of dining in the midst of a beautiful forest. Nairobi's most famous restaurant is located in a suburb and is intended for a mix of tourists, office workers and expats. Guests can enjoy a variety of dishes at this award-winning restaurant at Sarova Panafric. This is an excellent choice as it is one of Kenya's most popular restaurants, with a wide selection of different dishes from different countries.

Open from 6 am to 6 pm, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is located in the heart of Nairobi, just a few blocks from the city centre. It is one of Kenya's most popular restaurants, with a wide selection of dishes from different countries as well as a variety of drinks.

This is the only restaurant in Nairobi that gives you the opportunity to observe wild animals while eating wine and food. This is a great place for vegans and vegetarians looking for a hearty breakfast or lunch.

The only thing that can make your visit to Nairobi even better is to end up in one of the fantastic restaurants. With world-class cuisine and a refreshing ambience, these five international restaurants are the only hotel in Kenya where you can dine on safari on site. The most famous is Carnivore, which is on most travellers "itinerary, but also has some of Kenya's best restaurants and nightlife.

If you fancy local cuisine and want to try Asian, Middle Eastern or West African dishes, Nairobi is a place to go hungry. You will be hungry during your stay and these 10 best restaurants in N Cairobi will not disappoint you. If you love pork, you can eat there too, although you can only choose a place to eat in our N Kenya guide. Kenyan dishes are prepared in this neat house on Peponi Rd. Kenyan food, but you want to eat in other places, so you'll eat here all day.

Whether in Nairobi, Mombasa or Kisumu, this Haandi restaurant offers all the flavours of India. Indian food that you want in Kenya does not necessarily have to be a trip to India, but to Kenya and to be desired. If you are looking for great Indian cuisine in a beautiful setting with a good atmosphere and good food, then N Cairobi has something that will exceed your expectations. When you see the beautiful "Haandi pots" logo, you know that you will get great Indian cuisine in this beautiful place.

Prices may be high compared to other restaurants in Nairobi, but the food service is simply wonderful and well worth it. Prices are above average for a N Cairobi restaurant, but you will be compensated with a great atmosphere, good food and great service.

Sikia is one of the best restaurants in Kenya, where you can enjoy a nice, fine dining experience. If you are looking for an Indian restaurant in Nairobi Kenya, visit Thyme Restaurant to enjoy a good meal and excellent service. If you are looking for a good restaurant for N Cairobi, then visit Haandi Restaurant in Nairobi.

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