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If you want to go on safari or the ultimate beach holiday, Kenya is an incredible destination, and now it's your turn to go to the next East African country. We # ve spilled the beans on how to plan the perfect Tanzania safari (read about it here if you missed it), but now forget to be ready for our top Kenya travel tips. As with any other destination in the world, there are some things to consider before you enter a country, but Kenya is safe to travel. There are a number of things you need to know before you arrive in the country, such as airfares, hotels, accommodation, food and much more.

Avoid illegal activities such as drug trafficking, prostitution, gambling and illegal drugs, as well as prostitution and drug smuggling.

Security checks are very important in Nairobi and, as a result of such tensions and terrorist activity, it is important that you can be sure that security is carried out by the Kenyan National Security Service (CNS) and not by terrorist groups. Police are expected to stop you in and around N Kenya, so don't be surprised if you have to be restrained in the building. Travellers arriving in Kenya must carry a PCR test, which is carried out for a maximum of 96 hours, even if they only make one stop in Kenya and have not left the airport. The law requires that you always carry your passport with you during your time in Africa and even more so during your trip to Kenya.

If you don't have time to get one at the airport, you can visit one of the operator's shops in Nairobi to get a free copy of your passport or even visit it online.

If you are visiting Kenya, we recommend you apply for an eVisa online before you travel, as you can pay for the visa upon arrival. If you are traveling through Kenya on a transit visa (valid for 7 days) of $20.00, we recommend that you apply online before your trip so that we can forget about it on arrival. Kenya is not the only destination in Africa, but you can also choose an East African visa. This allows you to travel from Uganda or Rwanda to Kenya for up to 90 days.

Surprisingly, single visas are allowed, but Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda do not have the possibility to buy a new visa without one, as it is a 3-month visa.

For example, you can travel from Kenya to Uganda to see mountain gorillas and then return to Kenya on the visa you obtained when you first entered. If you are going to Kenya, why not make the most of it and travel on a single visa?

Nairobi is relatively easy to explore on foot as the city is small and places are easy to reach, but like other major cities, traffic is very poor and it is a good idea to find a group to take for a walk or travel with an accompanying person. I would definitely recommend travelling to N Cairo, Mombasa, Kiswahili, Kinshasa and other parts of the capital of Kenya to travel there and around. Through common sense and local leaders, you should be able to get where you want to. If you need to make an appointment, be careful to move around northern Kenya, especially if you are going to the city centre or slums.

Another good tip for travelling to Kenya is to make sure you stick to a more frequent itinerary. If you want to visit Lamu or Malindi in northern Kenya, you can go there on foot or on foot. The less busy roads from Nairobi to the city centre and back are a good example.

You could certainly get to Kenya by boat from Mombasa or Lamu, but you cannot get to Nairobi by boat. I found the service provided by Kenya Airways excellent, although I know many others who do not. If you are flying from the UK, you can avoid the change by flying directly from London to London with BA or Kenyan Airways and then flying back to Kenya via Mumbasa, Lamusi or Malindi. You can also fly regularly with Kenya Airlines from N Cairo, Kenya's national airline, between N Kenya and London.

I strongly suggest you take out travel insurance before you visit Kenya. I am buying my insurance from an excellent company called World Nomads, which I highly recommend. I never thought to travel to Kenya without proper coverage, but I always recommend it And I use it all the time in African countries.

I really hope this information can help you to visit Nairobi, one of my favourite cities in the world. Once upon a time, it was a place where the climate was pleasant, the air was fresh and you all found yourself in it within a few hours. In this N Cairobi guide I have just listed some of the best places to start in Kenya, from the capital to the city centre and even the suburbs.

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More About Nairobi